SHIFT Fact Sheets

Discover our Fact Sheets on Green Certification and Carbon Calculators

These fact sheets have been created by ELIA and the SHIFT partners, a globally connected network for higher arts education, as output for the environmental sustainability strand of the SHIFT – Shared Initiatives for Training project, which focuses on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13: Climate Action.

During the course of the SHIFT project, ELIA conducted research into which carbon calculators are available for networks to use in order to reduce CO2 emissions and to efficiently keep track of their efforts.


Measuring CO2 emissions is essential for organisations to become more environmentally sustainable.

This fact sheet provides the most relevant and widely used certifications for sustainable buildings, green hospitality, sustainable system certifications (ISO), in addition to carbon offsetting standards.


Certification and offsetting can be used as part of carbon footprint reduction policies.