Culture Knowledge Base

SHIFT – Shared Initiatives For Training – is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and was initiated by 9 cultural networks.
These networks recognised the need to join forces to work on the global agenda of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and its leaders wished to improve their capacity for giving guidance to their teams, organisations and members. It was asked how to tackle the global challenges recognised in the SDGs such as climate change, gender equality and inclusion of minorities. And through the overarching work on cultural leadership, the partners aim to provide information and share various ways of leading and supporting change to achieve these goals. In order to be able to develop relevant guidelines, the partners collected key resources and inspiring examples of what had already been done on these topics and challenges.


The partners of the SHIFT project have compiled some of the most current resources on cultural leadership, environmental sustainability, gender and power relations, and inclusion. More than 250 resources were gathered by SHIFT partners for the Artsmetric Knowledge Base, a digital platform developed by Trans Europe Halles.

Artsmetric is a free digital benchmarking platform for arts and cultural organisations to learn from their peers. It allows you to get an overview of your organisation, track it and compare it with other organisations. Moreover, it allows you to find new partners across Europe.


Artsmetric also contains selected resources for arts and cultural managers on themes such as arts business models, urban regenerations etc. in addition to the SHIFT topics.