Cultural Leadership Toolkit

SHIFT Toolkit



This publication is the second publication of the Cultural Leadership package of the SHIFT and is not meant to be a textbook, but a collection of resources, tools, tips and links to relevant material about cultural leadership.
The idea is not to reinvent the wheel, or re-phrase already existing literature, but to offer a handy toolkit for the reader looking for specific aspects of cultural leadership, or for more resources or tips or learnings by other cultural leaders.


The resources offered, the text included and the tools suggested in this publication come from a wide spectrum of expertise and learnings, from SHIFT partners as well as other cultural operators and research projects. We cover seven topics that we think are essential to cultural leaders to know more about, read and be exposed to different types of practices.


This publication has been created by Trans Europe Halles and the SHIFT partner networks as output for the cultural leadership strand of the SHIFT project (Shared Initiatives for Training).