Inclusion Annotated Bibliography

SHIFT Annotated Bibliography



The SHIFT Inclusion Annotated Bibliography is designed to support cultural networks and organisations of all kinds in navigating and engaging with the topic of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It comprises a selection of 101 resources, including toolkits, checklists, tests, articles, reports and guides. These assist the reader in understanding the different elements that combine to make an organisation more inclusive, as well as providing concrete advice on how to put advice into action.

The bibliography strives to be a useful starting point for cultural networks and organisations in any field, in any country and in terms of any marginalised group. Depending on the chapter, this means that the resources selected are general (dealing with no specific marginalised group) or are made up of a selection of different specific resources (dealing with one or more named marginalised groups). We therefore encourage the reader to approach the topic with a flexible mind, identifying where knowledge is transferable to their own situation, even if the marginalised group they wish to consider is not explicitly mentioned.

This publication has been created by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat and the SHIFT partner networks as output for the inclusion strand of the SHIFT project (Shared Initiatives for Training).