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Cultural leadership is a broad concept that can be interpreted and practised in different ways. It can be seen twofold, firstly as the act of managing organisations in the cultural sector and secondly as leading through cultural lenses. There is no unique definition of what a leader should be and if the cultural sector needs a particular managerial strategy. Each individual, civilisation, community is bound to have a different set of cultural experiences and history and will equally need different ways of achieving a common project whether it is to lead an organisation or to achieve a goal.


The project SHIFT will attempt to give guidance on ways of leading an organisation in the cultural sector. The results of the SHIFT research will present an annotated bibliography with relevant resources on the topic and an online toolkit that will put together different approaches of cultural leadership.

The work on cultural leadership within the SHIFT project aims to enable cultural leaders to accompany change in their organisations and contribute to achieve the UNDGs.

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) led the research and training on cultural leadership.


What to find:

  • Toolkit
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Compendium

Topics we focused on:


  • Cultural Leadership: Concepts,Practices and Models
  • Co-development and Co-creation Methodologies
  • Participatory Governance
  • Digital Tools for Participatory Governance
  • Organisational Change and Evolution
  • Organisational Learning
  • Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Learn more on cultural leadership such as:

  • Internal processes in organisation
  • Personal development
  • Organisational change and evolution
  • Role-based organisations
  • Participatory governance
  • Shared governance and shared responsibilities
  • Co-development and co-creation methodologies
  • Evaluation
  • International scalability of personal transformation