Inclusion Article on Cultural Projects

SHIFT Inclusion Article


Cultural Project Management as a Scenario for Inclusion, One Aspect of Social Transformation that the World Needs



The SHIFT Article offers a perspective on how cultural projects through their social transformation power can produce many changes associated to the well-being of people. In the context of the interrelation between social transformation and culture, inclusion is a key element. We will try to identify when, how and why a cultural project generates true processes of inclusion. We will analyse four main dimensions of cultural intervention that promotes inclusion:

  • Attention to vulnerable population
  • Attention to segregated social and popultion sectors
  • Projects that promote inter-sector and cross-cutting actions
  • Projects focused on conflict resolution, reconstruction of social fabric, and peacebuilding

The article also formulates fundamental questions that cultural managers should ask themselves about the role of culture and the arts in the broadest sense of inclusion.


This article has been written by María Claudia Parias, Board Member of the International Music Council and Executive President of the Fundación Nacional Batuta, and added as output of the SHIFT partner networks for the inclusion strand of the SHIFT project (Shared Initiatives for Training).