Inclusion Handbook

SHIFT Handbook



The SHIFT Inclusion Handbook is designed to support cultural networks and organisations of all kinds in navigating and engaging with the topic of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It is the companion resource to the SHIFT Annotated Bibliography on Inclusion, which comprises a selection of 101 resources, including toolkits, checklists, tests, articles, reports and guides.


The handbook is conceived as a reference book rather than something to be read from start to finish – although there is nothing to stop you doing this! Nevertheless, many of the concepts laid out in chapter 1 are built upon in other sections, so it is worth beginning there. The handbook is divided into five sections.


We encourage the reader to engage with this work with a flexible mind, identifying what is transferable to their own situation, even if their specific case is not explicitly mentioned. The reader should find within this handbook a framework that empowers them to know what it is they are looking for, to seek out further resources for themselves as needed and, most crucially, to reflect honestly on their own situation.


This publication has been created by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat and the SHIFT partner networks as output for the inclusion strand of the SHIFT project (Shared Initiatives for Training).