SHIFT Inclusion Interview Series

The SHIFT inclusion interview series presents conversations with experts on different aspects of what it means to be inclusive as a cultural network or organisation.



„But we’ve very much gone through stages and identified opportunities for us to bring more people into the organisation and create more inclusion“

For the SHIFT interview series on inclusion, Maria Hansen, Executive Director of SHIFT partner network ELIA, interviewed David Baile, CEO of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA). ISPA has embarked on a long-term journey working towards equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the different aspects of its work as a global network. Listen to the interview or read the transcript to find out more about ISPA’s journey and how this hasprofoundly influenced David Baile as a leader.


Transcript of the interview → transcript here


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In conversation with Maria Vlachou

„Because we need to go further, we need to move beyond the words we’re using to understand their true meaning if we wish to bring change to the way we do things.“

Our first conversation in the SHIFT inclusion interview series is with Maria Vlachou (Executive Director, Acesso Cultura) on inclusive recruitment, boards, membership and events. Sophie Dowden as Project Manager at the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, output leader and project partner, held this first interview.


Transcript of the interview → transcript here


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