Cultural Leadership Annotated Bibliography

SHIFT Annotated Bibliography



The main goal of the collection of resources is to explore the concept of Cultural Leadership by adopting a community-oriented understanding. Going beyond the idea of the leader as the sole enactor of change, the project understands change as a transformational process that can be kickstarted by innovation entrepreneurs in touch with the organisational community.
The collection of resources focuses on different dimensions of this understanding of cultural leadership. Leaders have to root their efforts of change not only in normative ideas and ideal states, but also on the analysis of the current state of their organisation. The collection presents ideas of what cultural leaders are and could be, but also it introduces a series of methodological and analytical tools useful to understand their organisations.

This annotated bibliography is by no means exhaustive and is rather meant as a guide.

This publication has been created by Trans Europe Halles and the SHIFT partner networks as output for the cultural leadership strand of the SHIFT project (Shared Initiatives for Training).